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What is OneCoin in 2018? Is OneCoin Scam?

What is OneCoin?

If you are searching for the question “What is OneCoin?” or “Is OneCoin Scam?”, you are in the right place. OneCoin cryptocurrency is an upcoming digital currency, based on cryptography and network marketing. It is easy to mine, easy to trade and easy to use cryptocurrency.

This cryptocurrency is promoted by offshore companies OneCoin Ltd (Dubai) and OneLife Network Ltd (Belize), both led by Bulgarian Ruja Ignatova.


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OneCoin is generated through a process called ‘mining’. Each OneCoin is unique, just like the serial number on a paper bill. It is not an alternative to Bitcoin. It totally different from Bitcoin on the basis of its structure.

With the help of this coin, people will be able to make transfer and payments in near future. OneCoin is the first digital currency based on network marketing.

This makes OneCoin unique among all the other digital currency. Some new coins are coming with same marketing strategy but they can’t compete OneCoin.

The reason is simple, OneCoin has created a strong user base by using its networking marketing strategy. And the new coins will take time to reach the level of this cryptocurrency.

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Additional Information About OneCoin

OneCoin is one of the biggest reserve currencies around the world. It works in the same manner as money issued by governments.

The finite number of OneCoins is 120 Billion, guaranteeing they cannot be affected by inflation and are impossible to forge.

Cryptocurrencies are decentralized, it means they are not tied to any specific country or central bank, the value of the coin depends on various factors such as usability, demand, and supply.


After joining the OneCoin Cryptocurrency, users become part of a global network of millions of OneCoin miners. The users are free to use their Coins in different ways.

They can mine the coin and get the advantage of its value. Soon they will also be able to make payments and transfer money to and from different parts of the world.


OneCoin is called the Bitcoin of next generation. When we compare the technology used behind cryptocurrencies we will come to a conclusion that OneCoin is the most powerful currency that will break records of all times.

When it starts its journey, its value was 1 OneCoin= 0.5 Euro. At present, it is 1 OneCoin=20.75 Euro. The value is increasing with time.


How OneCoin Works?

OneCoin Works on the basis of blockchain technology. The blockchain technology for OneCoin is still under development.

The company aims to build a strong blockchain technology that can solve all the issue that Bitcoin users are facing i-e Security and transaction issues.

The unique Blockchain of OneCoin is introducing the new industry standard to store Know Your Customer (KYC) information.

It runs every minute and is tailored to meet both customer and merchant needs. By using this blockchain technology risk of security will be minimized.

The purpose of introducing OneCoin is to improve the lives of all people around the world. OneCoin has mentioned on its official website that they give instant access to financial services.

OneCoin is also providing the educational tools that simplify and clarify digital currency.

The company believes in Leaning before earning. The slogan of one academy “Learn Today, Lead Tomorrow” simplifies everything.

OneCoin helps individuals and merchants to understand and use the OneCoin cryptocurrency in a right way with the help of one academy.

OneAcademy let you know about the business idea and functionality of OneCoin. You can learn about different courses in which you will be teaching “How to earn from your OneCoins?” and How to Start Marketing of Your OneCoin.

OneAcademy is an innovative e-learning platform that covers following range of financial topics:

  • Trading
  • The stock exchange
  • Cryptocurrency
  • Financial analysis


Asset management and many more.

The mission of OneAcademy is to provide the cryptocurrency Users with the guidance and educational materials they require to achieve financial literacy.

OneAcademy is highly-structured and easy to understand. It is developed by expert people from the field of finance and academics.

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OneCoin is a Ponzi Scheme? or Is OneCoin Scam?


Probably you have also searched for “What is OneCoin?” on Google and you find in result something like “OneCoin is a Ponzi Scheme” or “OneCoin Scam.”
It often happened when you search for an opportunity on Google, you will come to know that the top search result you are seeing will involve the world scam.

There is a big market for blogging about the scams of the world and that involves MLMs. The blogger involves in writing such articles get paid when people visit their site and click their ads. Most of them only care about the traffic that they want to bring to their blog.

The reason why blogger target such keywords, there is a tremendous amount of traffic involving these keywords with less competition.

I’ll suggest, do your own research. Approach the people around you who are already working for OneCoin.

You can only get the answer to the question What is OneCoin from the people around you.

If you choose to take part in the OneCoin opportunity. Because no one can guide you perfectly but your own research.


The company press release:

“It is with great pride that we announce the first steps OneCoin is taking toward being publicly traded.

The procedure every company has to go through in order to become listed on the stock exchange is long and complicated, so we are sharing the information 15 months in advance, so we can all prepare accordingly. It is official – OneCoin is going public at the end of 2018, and we want the coin to be open to everyone willing to buy and sell OneCoins.”
The expected date for the OneCoin release is 8th October 2018.

I hope this article will help you in understanding what is OneCoin. I wish you the best of luck if you are going to choose OneCoin.  If you choose not to, then best of luck in any venture you choose.
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Updated: August 23, 2018 — 3:09 pm


  1. Many thanks for the up to date information, i really appreciate. Actually i joined the company in August 2017 having satisfied with the information i got from a friend about onecoin onelife. i set my programme to sell one of my houses and bought two packages and another package for my wife and now am a holder of two one coin accounts with the tycoon trader as my most powerful one.

    i presented all my documents needed for the kyc to be approved; my national passport, water bill as a proof of address and a bank statement…all were scanned and forwarded to you. Since then my kyc is written’pending/unconditionally approved.’ i asked my upline but he kept on saying it will be approved. In January this year i redo the same process but up until now no approval has been done to my kyc. This is also the same thing with my 7 (seven)down lines accounts.

    May i therefore please request your good office to assist us on this issue. i wrote several emails but no response. We have more trust to the company and that by 8th October 2018 something better in our lives will happen but at the some time would want NOT sell all our coins so that it might get more value as the time goes. My worry is to do with my kyc and my down lines kyc which have taken more time without being approved.

    Thanks so much for your time. Am Wilson Chilanga from Malawi, central Africa.

    Wilson Chilanga
    Tycoon Trader – One coin onelife member.

    1. The company is trying to approve the KYC as soon as possible but due to a large number of application, the company is not able to respond quickly. That’s the reason it takes some time to approve KYC.
      If you have contacted the support at [email protected] then wait for few days. The will approve your KYC as soon as possible.

  2. Hi Team,
    Will Onecoin be traded publicly with effect from 8th October?
    Will it be exchangeable with other coins / currencies?

    1. Yes!
      It will be introduced to xcoinx. XcoinX will be the exchange for OneCoin. But we have to wait for the stability of OneCoin after its launch to open market.

  3. How can one activate an account via Bank Transfer?

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