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What is Going On With OneCoin

There is a lot of confusion regarding OneCoin. I don’t know why people believe such rumors. There is no official statement and people are forwarding the same WhatsApp message again and again.

You guys don’t need to be panic. Just relax and wait for the official announcement. Konstantine Ignatov will be coming with the detailed announcement in coming days.

My Point of View

I’m going to share my point of view. Maybe, I’m not 100% right but I’ll taling with complete facts and figures. We have witnessed the complete scenario of how the company has to go through the investigation all around the world.

The company announced their launch date last year. The plan was to launch the coin to the open market on 8th October. The company signed a contract with another company to start their coin offering. As soon as the company starts ICO, the investigation against OneCoin started and the company has to stop their coin offering.

Did you remember the issue with the split barometer? OneCoin members were asking the question about the split. The reason was the delay in the split.
Did you know what the actual reason behind the delay in split was?
 Ok, let’s discuss it over here. During the investigation, the company has to shut down their servers. Even the investigation agencies took the server for the thorough investigation. This cause a big loss to OneCoin.

The investigation took some month and there was no activity in OneCoin offices during this time. The company fight for their rights and clear all the 31 cases that were alleged against OneCoin.

The investigation agencies give the data back to the company after completing the investigations. The user data was at risk and company has to install the server again to provide their users with full security.

The process took a lot of time to start mining again. These investigations wasted a lot of precious time of the company. The period that the company was going to spend for ICO was spent in clearing the investigations.

Now, the company is going to start ICO in September 2018. I hope have got my words and now you will be able to understand why the company is going to delay the launch of OneCoin to open market.
The company still need the support from their users.


Watch the last ten minutes of Konstantine Ignatov speech, you will realize what he is saying.


OneCoin Will Never Scam Its Users

OneCoin will never scam its users. The reason is simple. OneCoin has a user base of almost 3.5M people around the world. The company can utilize that huge user base in many ways. There are many options and the most simple one is company can use advertisement on their website can earn a huge amount from the advertisement (I know the company is not going to do this, but the company has an option.)
Furthermore, the company can contact giant e-commerce platforms and ask them to use OneCoin as a payment gateway. There should be no issue with such platforms to accept OneCoin as a payment gateway. I mean how they can reject a cryptocurrency with the 3.5M user base.


OneCoin Latest News in August

As for as my knowledge is concerned, A huge e-commerce platform is going to accept cryptocurrency as a payment gateway and the company is in contact with this platform and they will soon officially announced it.
Another good news is the company has acquired an e-commerce platform and that platform will be merged with Dealshaker.

The most important news is the new design of Dealshaker is ready. The new design will be launch in coming days and you guys will witness an amazing update in Dealshaker platform.
The company is going to compete the Amazon and eBay and they need the latest technology as I have already talked in my previous article Important Factors to Consider Before OneCoin Launch to Open market.
. The new design and technology of Dealshaker will be able to compete with Amazon and eBay.

We just need a little patience and let the company concentrate on the process of launching the coin to open market. Some other good news are coming in August. Stay tuned and share this article with the community around you.


Message from Konstantin Ignatov:


Updated: August 10, 2018 — 8:18 am
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