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OneCoin to USD in 2018 and OneCoin Exchange

 After reading this article, you will not need to manually calculate the OneCoin to USD. We are going to discuss OneCoin to USD and other factors involve in OneCoin price.

Updated: OneCoin Price Updated September 2018




We will also cover the necessary information about OneCoin exchange. OneCoin often deals in Euro which is the official currency of the European Union. If someone needs to calculate the OneCoin value in USD, he has to do some simple calculation.

We will be doing the simple calculation that will help us to convert “OneCoin to USD”. In future, the fluctuation in USD and Euro price can affect the price of OneCoin into USD mentioned in this article. But you can calculate it by yourself whenever you need it.

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OneCoin Rate Today

OneCoin to Euro

1 OneCoin = 20.75 Euros


OneCoin to USD

One Euro = 1.21 USD

1 OneCoin = 25.1075 USD


Hence a single OneCoin is equal to 25.10 USD. The price is expected to be increasing within next few days as the difficulty increase barometer is at 97%. Whenever it will touch 100%, the price of OneCoin will increase.

The price discussed above is the internal price of OneCoin which is decided by the company itself. To understand the OneCoin price mechanism, you need to understand how OneCoin works.




OneCoin Exchange

OneCoin is in its ICO phase and the coin will be launch to open market on 8 October 2018. It will be introduced to XcoinX exchange. The beta version of XcoinX has already introduced by the company to test its working.
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It worked perfectly and now the company is planning to introduce the full feature version on 8 October. After introducing the coin to this exchange the company will decide whether to introduce OneCoin to other exchanges or not.

Maybe the company launches the final version of XcoinX 4 to 5 days before the OneCoin launch to open market. But we can’t say anything about its exact launch date. The website is showing “The site is currently under maintenance.”

XcoinX will be the official exchange for OneCoin. Where OneCoin users will involve in trading with OneCoin. If some new user wants to join the exchange, he has to purchase to buy OneCoin by spending Bitcoin or Ethereum.

The company aims to turn OneCoin into a global payment system by introducing it to its own exchange XcoinX. 





How Does OneCoin Works

OneCoin is enhancing its network through network marketing. OneLife is playing an important part in the networking of OneCoin. The company is basically selling education packages. Whenever a user pays for a specific package, he gets access to different courses related to OneCoin on OneAcademy.

Here are the details of all OneCoin packages and if you want to register yourself as a OneLife member, click here.



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Along with this education package, the user also gets some tokens. These token can be different for different users depending on the package. After going through the process of the split, the token got double.

Next, these tokens go for mining. The mining is done by the company itself with its private blockchain technology. The company has recently shared information regarding its blockchain with investigation agency in Italy and Bulgaria.

After going through the process of mining the tokens got converted into coins. The process of conversion of the token into coin takes 6 to 7 months usually. But its duration can increase or decrease depending on user’s package.

Users hold his coin in his account and he can also use his coin on DealShaker to purchase different products.  After 8 October 2018, the coin will be available for trade on XcoinX exchange and users can use it anywhere.

The company aims to launch the coin at its current price. After its launch to open market the price can go up or down depending on certain factors.

The user can play its role to help the coin in attaining stability by holding the coin and by creating positive hype about OneCoin.

It is the responsibility of the user to create positive hype as we all are the part of OneLife community. Together we can take our coin to the moon. Let’s hope for the best. Try to introduce new merchants to DealShaker.
If you are using OLX for selling your products, you can also use DealShaker for the same purpose. The community of 3.4 Million can help the company in achieving the targeted goal.

Share this article with your friends and fellow to let them know about some positive news regarding OneCoin.

Updated: September 10, 2018 — 4:43 am


  1. Hello.
    I am from Afghanistan and in Afghanistan thousands people are members but still nothing and even not in the lists of the countries. Also we can not purchase from dealshaker because no one send the items here. No master card and no ATM machine. In Afghanistan none of banks using euro. Our leaders are specially are from Pakistan and completly far and not supportive. We are in big tensions. So please kindly support us and think about Afghanistan. Grateful!
    Best regards.

    1. Hi Freshta,
      Thanks for visiting us!
      I’m sorry for this, the company must list Afghanistan if the company have users from Afghanistan.
      I’m going to put the issue before our Diamond leader on your behalf. Whatever they will reply I’ll let you know soon.
      Stay connected!

      1. More so even Uganda is not in list of one coin users which hinder us to bring new entrants please include us

        1. Uganda is listed. It has more than 10000 members. Please go to the one coin map on the one life page and check where East Africa is!

  2. In Pakistan no master card and no ATM machine of onecoin is working.
    If you have information about one coin Pakistan then plz guide me.

    1. There is no ATM machine and Master card for OneCoin in any part of the world. OneCoin is still in its ICO phase and will be available in the open market on 8th October 2018.
      After its launch to open market, we can expect some ATM machine like bitcoin have in different countries.

  3. Dear Admin,
    I have one coin ofc but unable to track please let me know..
    Do the needful
    User ID- prem4mdp

    1. You can contact the OneLife support team!
      We don’t have any information about the issue.
      The onelife support team [email protected] can guide you in a possible right way.
      Have you done with your KYC?

      751.07 ONE

      1.80 EUR

      0.0000 OFC

  4. Noureddine Otmane pacha

    I am a member of onelife
    I don’t have onepay
    I am from Algerian
    What i do?

    1. Hi there,
      Thanks for visiting us!
      For what purpose you need onepay?

  5. Log in to your ONECOIN webpage not Onelife webpage to check your OFC. You will see it on your dashboard.

  6. Hello management !
    I have a question about KYC members in the U.S when it is approved ? And when it comes to the market that has not been approved , do we have the right to exchange globally ? thanks .

    1. The issue with KYC approval is expected to be resolve for all the pending members at the end of May. Yes! you will be able to exchange your coins globally after its launch to open market.

  7. From Nigeria, pls we have numerous members from Nigeria yet nothing for us here. we can not purchase from dealshaker because our country is not among the ones listed, and no one can help send the items here. No master card and no ATM machine. How can we, over here, be represented and assisted? So please kindly support us and think about Nigeria

    1. As far as my knowledge is the concern, the company is doing good in Nigeria. You can pay the bill for different restaurants using your one coin. There is no ATM machine available in any part of the world as OneCoin is still in its ICOs phase and will be launch to open market on 8 October.
      After 8 October you will find stuff like ATM machine and master cards.
      If you are not listed then contact the DealShaker support teams. They will definitely list your country.

  8. Hello friends,
    on is written that Coin Offering will be open latest in Q1 2018 and that the structure of the Coin Offering and the Token Model will be described in the White Paper, published in Q1 2018. Nothing such happened. Why? When will Coin Offering start really?

    1. OneCoin will be launch to open market on 8 October 2018. The delay in launch is due to some technical reasons.

  9. One life IPO is likely to be launched in the Asian stock markets as it was announced earlier. Can anybody give me the latest update on this?

  10. Hi
    I am form indian. How I can buy your package from India. Can I use my visa card for this ?

    1. Hello there!
      Kindly contact us at [email protected].
      Will buy a package for you!

  11. Hi,

    I Heard Lot of Negative Things About one coin , like Police Investigations , Police shut the offices Of One Coin in Bulgaria?
    Are One coin is really going to be public on 8th oct 2018 or do I need to be wait more ?
    Please let me know the Facts

    1. OneCoin is growing despite of negativity. It will be launch to open market on 8th October. The delay in launch was due to some technical issue that has been resolved by the company.

  12. OneCoin is growing despite of negativity? please clarify?

  13. Hello.

    Can you clarify maybe the most important claim. So there are 2 options, which one will happen in October?
    A: OneCoin will have ICO?
    B: OneCoin as a coin goes to public exchange.
    As we all know by official info, OneCoin has announced ICO. They also say that only official info should be considered as correct one. So do you have any other info than official? As we know also, ICO and IPO are 2 different happenings and can not happen at the same time. Who we should believe?

    1. Hi Rob!
      OneCoin is already in its ICO phase. The ICO phase will end in October when the coin will be launch to open market. And as far as my knowledge is concerned the company may or may not go for IPO. After 8 October the coin will available on the exchange.

  14. As I know, finally OneCoin will have 120 billion coins. How many coins was already mined?

    1. There is no exact figure known to anyone. The only OneCoin company knows it better and maybe they disclosed it before coin launch to open market.

  15. what is the expected price of onecoin at the time of launch ?

    1. 30 to 35 Euro!

  16. Hello.
    According to this information.

    The company has packages for investors..
    The more coins you have the higher the profit.
    The Expected Price will be 100$-150$ on 8th-10-2018

    1. Starter – 7coins price 240$ – profit 1050$
    2. Trader – 38coins price 800$ -profit 5700$
    3. Pro trader 77coins Price 1600$-profit 11550$
    4. Tycoon- 923 coins -price 7500$ -Profit 138,450$
    5. Premium – 1730coins – price 22000$- profit 259,500$
    6. Initial launch pack – 12019 coins – Price 80,000$ – Profit 1,802,850$

    In profits, when split take place the tokens are doubled so what happen to the profits?

    1. Hi there!
      It’s just a prediction!
      The price can go up or down!
      OneCoin is not an investment plan. It aims to be the global digital currency by educating the people. And if OneCoin succeeded in becoming the global currency then every OneCoiner will get benefited.

  17. sir 2018 8 october 100% coin withdrawl, and onecoin to purchase 100% coin ethereum or bitcoin

  18. Hello sir !
    Now my coin in coinsafe, If i don’t want to safe.How cam i do ? Because it safe until 2020
    Thank .

  19. Waqas ahmed khan

    In pakistan, pakistan’s govt stricktly orderd that peoples should not to trade in any digital curruncy it will not accept in pakistan. Now i am a memberof one coin m using trader pkg, after hearing this news from t.v i’m lill bit confuse what should i do now..??

  20. I have loved your information….so rightnow you are looking for investors… sure can I be that onecoin as a company will not run away with our money???

  21. Hello
    I’m waiting for my KYC be approved for the last five months still pending / Conditionally approved.
    However I have sent several emails to [email protected][email protected] on life. ex but still pending.
    Place kindly assist

  22. Dear Admin
    I am waiting for approval for KYC process longtime since.
    Still Pending /Conditionally approved
    However I have sent several emails to support Team but still pending
    I sent [email protected]/[email protected]
    I hope you will assist me ASAP-as soon as possible
    Thanks enjoy regards

  23. Hi,
    (1). Please explain to me the full meaning KYC.?
    (2). Please I want know if one coin is withdrawable anytime and day after October 8?

  24. Hi,

    Could You Please tell me is it possible to Switch the coins back in to my account from coin safe before the maturity date?

  25. Sir can you guide me
    Will onecoin launch to any other exchange such as poloniex bittrrx binance
    If so then what will be the pair.

    1. OneCion will be introduced to its own exchange XcoinX and later on the company may or may not introduce it to other exchanges depending on its security.

  26. Dear Admin
    I would like to know some information about KYC.. I Have a package and last four month back I put all papers in KYC as company wants and its mention Pending/conditional. How much time take more to proper ( Approved ),

    Best Regards.

  27. Kyc approval takes too long what is the problem?

  28. What happens to the accounts that will hit October when they haven’t uploaded their kyc? Am worried I forgot my password for one of my account and haven’t uploaded kyc.i keep on writing to admin for reset but it seems to be taking long.please help out.The accounts user name is Nangalama13.

    1. OneLife Support can help you regarding the matter. Kindly contact them again.

  29. Hi admin.I put my coins in coinsafe and the maturity date was 17/5/2018 but I can’t see the coins on my account.plz help username is Katendus4.

  30. Hellow admin thanks for the update
    I am from South Africa,I want to know something lets say everything goes according to plan and Xcoinx is successful, my question is this, what is going to stop the big volume of traders who are going to be selling the coin and with that in mind who will be buying the coin and what will be holding the value of the coin. With more sellers isn’t that going to force the price down?.
    1 last question dealshaker is it the only online store available for onecoin if so how do we access it from Africa.?
    Thank you

    1. I have already answered the answer to all the question you have asked!
      Kindly go through the articles carefully and read them.

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