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Onecoin To PKR in 2018 & OneCoin Value

If you are searching for “OneCoin to PKR” then you are at the right place. In this article, we are going to discuss OneCoin Rate in PKR or we can say OneCoin price in Pakistan. The article also contains OneCoin price chart for 2018 and the history of OneCoin price chart from 2014 to 2018.

It is not the “OneCoin exchange rate” as OneCoin is not available at any exchange until now. It will be available on the exchange after 8 October 2018 and the OneCoin exchange rate will be decided by its usability.

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OneCoin to PKR

OneCoin has a fixed amount of coins i-e 120 Billion to be mined. Whenever the milestone of 120 Billion is achieved, on further coins will be mined. The fixed amount of coin will help the coin in increasing and maintaining its value in the stock exchange.

You will never find an exact rate for OneCoin to PKR due to the unstable rate of PKR. The rate of Pakistani rupees increases or decrease depending on several factors.

Thus this changes in the rate increase or decreases the rate of euro or USD. So, we can say the OneCoin rate in PKR changes with respect to the change in several factors.

Recently the exchange rate of EURO increased in Pakistan and it still increasing. And this increase the bonus for the people who are holding the coins. As the value of OneCoin increasing with the increase in the rate of EURO.

While I’m writing this article the ‘OneCoin rate in PKR’ can be calculated as given below.
The OneCoin rate in PKR can increase or decrease in the coming days depending upon the value of Euro.

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OneCoin Latest News Updates in April 2018

OneCoin Rate Today

OneCoin to euro

1 OneCoin = 20.75 Euros


OneCoin to PKR

One Euro = 141.55 Pakistani Rupees

1 OneCoin = 2937.16 Pakistani Rupees



OneCoin Price Over Time & OneCoin Price Chart 2018



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Additional Information about OneCoin to PKR

If you have any plan to invest in OneCoin then you should immediately go for it. The price of OneCoin increasing with time.

One more thing I want to mention here is the price of OneCoin to PKR given below is not the market or exchange rate of OneCoin.

This OneCoin rate in PKR is decided by the company internally. The rate can be diverted from its original value after its launch to exchange.

Only the users of OneCoin can help in stabilizing the rate. For example, if everyone rush to consume their coin immediately after its release to exchange the rate of OneCoin can go down and down.

Its the user that can increase the value of OneCoin. So, everyone is requested to hold their coin for 5 to 6 month after the launch of coin to exchange. Holding the coin can help in maintaining the market.

As the new coins are making their way to users accounts, the process of mining becoming more and more difficult.

When OneCoin starts it journey the price was as low as 0.5 Euro and now its worth 20.75 Euro. The value of OneCoin cryptocurrency changes from time to time.

Let me remind you that the value of OneCoin to PKR mentioned above is not the market or exchange rate.

I’ll keep updating this article as soon as I notice any change in the price of OneCoin. I hope this article will help you out. Share with your fellows if you find this article helpful. Good luck on your crypto journey.


Updated: August 23, 2018 — 2:58 pm


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  3. Nice post Oct 2018 one coin launch in market then 2019 what’s price in future any idea

    1. Hi Idrees,
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      The future price of OneCoin depends on its usability. More the user growth more will be the price of OneCoin. OneCoin users are requested to keep the coins on hold after 5 to 6 month of its launch to open market. It will help the coin to get stability and increase in price. For more details you can read one of my articles in which I have talked about OneCoin future price predictions:

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    1. 208 tokens = 1 OneCoin
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    1. You should directly buy the coin from the company. By purchasing the coin from a local person, you can face scam. And many onecoiners have faced such scam. And they blame the company. If you are really interested in purchasing OneCoins, one of my friends deal in cryptocurrency trading. He will further assist you!
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    1. I Glad the article help you out and clear your understanding of OneCoin and the technology behind OneCoin. OneCoin is still growing despite lots of negativity. We just need to create positive hype on social media about OneCoin. Positive hype is the way to make our coin successful.
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    1. You can purchase different products from using your coins.

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    1. 8 October 2018 is the officially announced date for onecoin launch.

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    1. You can find the detailed articles on this blog. If you have fear to invest, never go for it. Make sure, take your time, understand OneCoin technology, and make a decision.
      All the best!

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