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OneCoin KYC Updates in July 2018

KYC Updates
The company has some new updates related to KYC approval process. The company has mentioned in their latest news later about the latest updates about KYC.
Those who are facing the issues with their KYC approvals must follow the steps given below.

OneCoin Latest News in September 2018


According to the company, if you have submitted your KYC more than 6 months ago, please resubmit your FRESH PROOF OF ADDRESS once again.
The KYC department of OneCoin is going to decline the proof of addresses which were submitted 6-month ago.

So if your KYC is already Declined or still showing CONDITIONAL APPROVED and it was submitted more than 6 months ago, kindly resubmit your fresh proof of address as soon as possible.

Updated: September 9, 2018 — 8:08 pm


  1. But I submitted a ID proof and proof of address before 1 month but still my KYC not please approve my KYC ASAP.

    1. Your KYC will be approved before the month of October. Don’t need to worry!

    2. my proof of address and I.D have been uploaded last april 2018 and that was almost 3 months ago and still my KYC is pending conditionally approved im hoping for approval of my KYC Asap….thanks

  2. Dear Admin,
    May i know your KYC take how long to approve if i re-applying the new one?? Pls advise.

    Thks & Rgds

    1. If you have submitted KYC documents older than 6 months, you can resubmit it!

  3. Hello sir what happend when we don’t submit kyc proof….. If we don’t submit…. Then what will happend??

    1. Your Account will be frozen and you will not be able to access your account without KYC.
      Better to go for your KYC submission.

  4. Hi,
    I need to know when this split barometer will complete its still 96, whats the reason?

  5. This page is not support onecoin ,and there is no need from the Company about this 6 month thing , you are a fakepage , and all hier ASK your Upline or send question firstly to the Top leader , I ask one of the leader about that , and he told me “This blog looks fake to me”

    1. Ok,
      We are fake and You don’t need to trust us!
      Thank You!
      And kindly read the latest news later from the company in which the company has mentioned the same 🙂

  6. But I submitted a ID proof and proof of address before 1 month but still my KYC not please approve my KYC ASAP.

    1. The company is working on it and hope the issue will resolve soon!

  7. Josie Syrica Clairmont

    Please can you tell me what is a KYC and do I need to submit one and why?

    1. KYC is the full form of Know of your customer. In banking and crypto market, one needs to verify his KYC with the company.
      It mainly based on tow things:
      1. Proof of identity
      2. Proof of Address
      You need to submit your necessary documents to the company.

  8. Hi I have been a member since 2016 and have submitted numerous proof of address documents and still I have no approval. Also all my coins have gone missing all 406 of them I have reported this numerous times and keep getting automated replies can someone on here give me some help as I am all out of ideas and starting to think this is all scam .

  9. Josie Syrica Clairmont

    When do you need to do this?

    1. Any reply

      1. Why can’t any one answer why my coins have gone missing and why my KYC has still not been approved since 2016. Hmmmmm fishy

        1. Contact the onelife support team. We are not directly associated with OneCoin.
          Thank you!

  10. Been doing that for the last 2 years and still nothing sorted

    1. The company aims to resolve the issue before 8 October and none of the members will go to the open market without KYC approval.

  11. Please I placed my coin on coin safe 1st July, 2017 for 12 months but forgot to cancel it on maturity. On 4th July 2018 I login and my coin is missing
    I saw where they said that I should put my transactions password and I did not do that. How can I cancel it and have my coin.

    1. You can contact onelife support team at [email protected]. They will further assist you!

  12. Plz post the predicted rates of OFC .

    1. The OFC rates are not clear yet. It’s still not clear whether the company will go for IPO or not.

  13. My account doesn’t login due to compliance reasons. Plz tell me how to submit KYC documents to reactive my account.

    1. You should contact the support team at [email protected]

  14. Site is not loading? alarm bell are ringing!

    1. Which site are you talking about?

  15. sir my KYC showing CONDITIONALLY APPROVED what to do sir iam realy worried

    1. Conditionally approved means it will approve before 8 October. Don’t worry at all.

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