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OneCoin ICO Reviews 2018

Finally, the company releases some information regarding OneCoin. You can check the roadmap and other useful information about OneCoin. There are still some deficiencies in this upgraded website.

There is no white paper and also they don’t mention the project team and adviser. I’m going to review the OneCoin ICO as I do while picking the perfect project from the market.

Whenever a new ICO enter the market, all we need is to check the team behind the project. The technology and uniqueness behind the project. There are some other important factors, like the partnership with other companies and exchanges where the coin will be listed.

we will start with the design. The website design is really awesome and user-friendly. The company has mentioned the features of OneCoin. The vision of the OneCoin is to be the global digital currency of the future.

You can also watch the detailed video:





The leaders betrayed the people to get their bonuses in networking by pretending OneCoin as a get rich quick scheme. But the reality is totally different. The company is not really responsible for any type of scam. It is the leader who makes the people fool and pretends the OneCoin as a get rich quick scheme.





Here are some more details about OneCoin.




The further features of OneCoin are also available on the website. We have already discussed these features many time. So, I’ll not discuss them anymore.

onecoin ico review 2018



onecoin ico review 2018



Here is the roadmap, the map is some confusion as we were not expecting the delay in OneCoin launch to open market. The launch to open market will be offered to open market in different rounds. But before launching to open market the company will go through the ICO.

The ICO is starting from 7 September and the first round will end on October 7, 2018. Similarly, other rounds will be started with a sequence.

The different rounds will end on 7 January and the coin will be launch to open market. But the small portion (20%) of the coin will be the offer to open market. The company changes the strategy that we will discuss at the end.

The first coin offering to open market will start from 7 January and it will end on April 7, 2019. The 20% of coins will be launch to open market for trading. You can also check the details of other rounds in the screenshot below.
On 8 October 2019, the 100% coins will be launch to open market. People will be able to exchange them into fiat currency.


onecoin ico review 2018



onecoin ico review 2018



Here are some details of a token. The company has changed the strategy as I have already mentioned above.

The company is offering the tokens, and the token symbol will be OFC. The price for pre-ICO of one OFC will be 0.02 Euro and for ICO, the will be 0.06 Euro.

The total number of coins mined is 120 Billion. The company is going to change the OneCoin into tokens and members will get the equivalent numbers of tokens. For example, the member will get the tokens of 20.75 Euro equivalent in return of single OneCoin.

You can do some calculation to check how much tokens you will get after the coin launch to open market.



Another confusion about the OneCoin ICO phase is the OneCoin exchange. The leaders have promised the OneCoin will list on coins and later on, the may also list it on some other exchanges. But now, the company is going to contact with different exchanges to list the OneCoin. Below it the screenshot of the list of different exchanges available on


onecoin ico review 2018


That’s my review about OneCoin ICO. Feel free to leave the comment if you want to add some more to this article. I’ll definitely appreciate your feedback.

Still, I’m looking for the white paper and blockchain technology that will be used in OneCoin. I hope the company will soon publish their white paper.

Finally, don’t need to be the worry. The company is doing their best to handle the different factor that can affect the OneCoin price after its launch to open market.

Let’s wait for the further news from the company. On 7 September, the Konstantin will be live and he will share some useful information from Dubai.


Updated: August 24, 2018 — 6:47 pm
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