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OneCoin German Investigation Has Come to an End

Official confirmation from the Public Prosecutors Office that OneCoin German investigation has come to an end after 2 years. The investigation resulting- OneCoin is doing 100% legal business in every means.


OneCoin Latest Updates in 2018

Congratulations to all of OneCoiners. Another achievement of OneCoin is here for you.
The Long awaited investigation by the German authorities is finally over. This is a tremendous landmark for the company and its users.
Obviously, it will enhance our confidence. There shouldn’t be the smallest doubt left now. Happy to be part of such a global transparent company.
Mr. Konstantin has just said 2 Hours ago today on 25/06/2018 that “Much interesting news is coming in near future.
The has also tested the first section of new Dealshaker.
The company is working around the clock to produce more usability of the coin. Their top priority is to maintain the value of OneCoin & they got the strategy for it which we’ll see in a couple of months time”.

We need to build a more strong community for our coin. We still have to play our part. Let’s together work for hand in hand & add as many as we can.
Now we can see this as one of the biggest finance company in the coming months. The direction is very very clear now.

All we need to create awareness about OneCoin and Dealshaker. Dealshaker is playing an important role in the success of OneCoin. If you have some products, just put them on Dealshaker. You can join Dealshaker by Clicking Here. If you have any type of old product you can put it on Deashaker.

All we can do is to look around and introduce Dealshaker to new people and ask them to join the revolutionary journey of OneCoin. Here are some major products that can revolutionize the future of OneCoin.
1. Domestic Airline tickets
2. Intercity bus service
3. Guesthouses and hotels
4. Car dealers
5. Property agents (for rented houses)
6. Property agents for properties
7. Rent a Car

Let’s keep our united efforts on these 6 key opportunities. If we are able to bring these gentlemen on board. You can fly to explore the world.

Once again congratulations to all !!!
Together for more!


Updated: July 9, 2018 — 2:21 pm


  1. Rafik Badarpuriya

    Congratulations than very nice perfomance of onecoin in German than very very thanx for onecoin upset 2018

  2. OneCoin never disappoints. There is always great news coming from OneCoin. All for One One for all togetherfor more

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