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Will OneCoin be convertible to cash in October 2018

People are asking the same question again and again “Will OneCoin be convertible to cash in October 2018.” I decided to write a short article about OneCoin conversion to Fiat currency on 8 October.
But wait a minute, did you really understand the vision of OneCoin?
If Yes, it awesome. If no, read this article carefully.


What is the Vision of OneCoin

Before asking the question “Will OneCoin be convertible to cash in October 2018” you must understand the vision of Dr. Ruja. OneCoin aims to be the global digital currency of the future.
The purpose of OneCoin is to be used in different physical stores and online shops around the world. But I don’t know people are asking about converting it into fiat currency.
The success of OneCoin is totally based on OneCoin. If users will remain loyal, the OneCoin can make a rapid growth. On the other hand, converting OneCoin into fiat currency can cause the decrease in the value of OneCoin.

You can promote Dealshaker. Try to introduce new merchants to Dealshaker. If you have a physical shop, you can put your deals on Dealshaker and sell your products by using OneCoin as a medium of exchange.

The above mentioned is the responsibility of the users to spend their coins on Dealshaker instead of cashing it out with Fiat currency. Let’s talk a little about the responsibility of the company.

One of the issues that Onecoiners are facing is the KYC approval. The KYC approval is an easy and fast process but I’m still confused why it takes too much time to approve KYC. The company announced to handover the KYC approval process to the third party but we are not seeing any progress.
Hope the company will take steps to make the process of KYC approval fast and efficient. Other steps that a company must take is to create positive hype about OneCoin before its launch to open market.
It will attract more people to OneCoin and people will be purchasing OneCoin on the exchange. The company can hire the blogger for the positive review about OneCoin.
The community can also help the company to create a positive hype about OneCoin. The community can use their social media accounts to spread some positive news regarding OneCoin.

All we need is the knowledge about OneCoin vision before asking about its conversion into fiat currency. Now, let’s talk about the process of OneCoin conversion into cash after 8 October.


Will OneCoin be convertible to cash in October 2018

The Company has announced that OneCoin will appear on xcoinx exchange October 8, 2018. After OneCoin’s launch to open market, any person around the world will be able to purchase OneCoin from members who possess OneCoin and are willing to sell it on this exchange.


Will OneCoin be convertible to cash in October 2018



According to the GLG members of OneCoin, the coin will not appear on any other exchanged due to security reason. We have witnessed many crypto hacks and losses of altcoins. That’s the reason the company doesn’t want to compromise the data of users.

As I have already mentioned, If all the OneCoin users will rush to cash out their coins with fiat currency the price of OneCoin may go down.

That’s the reason the company is working to make a proper plan for stabilizing the price of OneCoin. There will be a limit on selling your coins. You will not be able to sell all of your coins at once. 

The limit could be ‘how many coins you can sell on any given day or week’. The company may announce the details of limitation in October. We don’t know yet the details of those restrictions.


The Responsibility of OneCoin Holder

As we know Dr. Ruja is a visionary lady and she put the idea of OneCoin in front of the world back in 2014. She introduced the concept of KYC to the crypto world. The whole cryptocurrency is following the KYC concept.

Now, it’s the responsibility of OneCoin users to help Dr. Ruja in turning her dream in reality. OneCoin is mainly based on its user base and the user must be loyal to OneCoin after OneCoin launch to open market. Here loyal means, the user should not directly cash out the OneCoin into fiat currency. The user must use the coins on Dealshaker for purchasing different products.


Share this article with your friends and fellows to let them understand the vision of OneCoin. Remember, OneCoin is not an investment plan. The aim of the OneCoin is to be the global digital currency of the future. It’s the only user that can make the OneCoin successful.


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Updated: August 10, 2018 — 8:19 am


  1. I live in the US…and understand we cant buy here now……can I set up an account now in Europe or other country ? Also is there anywhere I can see exactly how many coins I have? ( I had health issues right after I originally purchased ?) Thank you for your prompt reply.

    1. Your sponsor can help you. Also go to if in the States you will have to use a VPN different than the States. Log in or if forgot password. This will show how many you have. Also you can go to

    2. Use the tor browser to log in. It’s an easy download.

  2. Hi. I think that all members of one life company don’t need the change one coin for Euro or Dollar. It’s a great opportunity to have possibility to buy products on Dealshaker shop and spend one coins and have one master card or Visa card for pay other products out of Dealshaker shop.
    I don’t need change one coin for Euro and than pay some products. I need only one card for pay ewery where.
    So we can have much value of one coin in future.

  3. Her vision of people spending their coins instead of cashing them into fiat currency is wonderful for those who can spend their coins in the dealshaker network. Those of us in the United States do not have that ability. It makes no sense to me that we can’t spend coins in the network, but none of the merchants ships to the United States. I’m not ever sure we will have access to xcoinx when it opens. Some enlightenment would be helpful. There are so many instances where we have been told information will be forthcoming and it never has. Specifically, what is the deal with ofcs? When will we be able to convert them? How will they be converted? Will it be into coin or into something else? We are now less than 90 days before the company goes public. I believe it is time for some information to be forthcoming. It will be especially helpful to know whether or not those of us in the US will be able to spend coins on dealshaker or cash some into fiat currency on xcoinx. Tnx

    1. Is Dealshaker not working in the USA?

      1. As far as I have been able to determine, none of the merchants on dealshaker will ship to the US. I don’t know if that is because the company has blocked merchants from doing so because we are in a restricted country, or whether it is because they just don’t want to go through the hassle. Either way, my coins don’t seem to be useable on dealshaker. Perhaps that will change in October after the coin goes public. I am curious as to whether you have any insight into that.

  4. Eish this dealshaker is not working in South Africa and I hear if you want to buy a person have travel to Dubai.My country is behind in most things

  5. that is a great idea if we get many merchants on the deal shaker in every part of the world like in Africa.but what happened to the difficulty barometer?will the price be stuck until October?thanks

  6. Tushemereirwe Everse

    Hello wen will powerpark coins be transfered into our accounts

  7. I live in the US all I did is to buy a VPN subscription for $39 for 1 year and now I can open my onecoin account anytime I want to.

  8. Pls I want to know if Dealshaker works in Nigeria? Nigeria is in Africa

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