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Important Factors to Consider Before OneCoin Launch to Open market

OneCoin is going to launch to open market soon. Before OneCoin launch to open market OneCoin must consider some important factors to turn OneCoin into a successful project. OneCoin is no doubt an amazing project but proper planning and strategy can lead OneCoin to achieve its mission.

This article will discuss some important factors that are recommended by Junaid Lodhi. 


What OneCoin/ Ruja needs to do:-

1. Process KYC on war footings. KYC is taking too long for approval and users are waiting since 6 to 7 month to get their KYC approved. The company must consider the issue with KYC approval.

Recently, we hear the news of KYC approval to be handed over to the third party. But still, people are facing the issue with KYC approval. The company must value their users and provide them with full customer support.

2. The company needs to upgrade Dealshaker with the better user interface and bidding process. Better UI design will attract the more users to Dealshaker. E-commerce platforms like Ali Baba, eBay, and Amazon are the giant of the E-commerce industry. The Dealshaker have to compete with these platforms.

The company is planning to introduce the upgraded version of Dealshaker. But we need the upgraded platform as soon as possible. We need to turn Dealshaker into a brand before OneCoin launch to open market.

3. Manual approvals of deals is a slow process. The company should use Artifical Intelligence and other advanced technologies to automize the deal approval process on Dealshaker.
4. The company should take steps to minimize the fraudulent activities on Dealshaker. Some merchants have joined the Dealshaker and they are betraying people.
5. There is a lot of confusion about OneCoin launch to open market. The company must officially announce the launch date to avoid confusion.
6. OneCoin needs to release a white paper that explains price control and road map of deal Shaker.
7. The company should also issue the white paper for Xcoinx exchange with details of its pairing.
8. Another good step the company should take is to sign MoU with large online Fiat platforms to add OneCoin as payment mode to facilitate 3.4 million ppl with 41 billion coins in hand.

OneCoin has the biggest user base in the crypto world and companies can accept OneCoin as a payment gateway. It will help the OneCoin to increase its usability.
10. There is a need to localize Deal Shaker in the main regions where they have a bigger base with members so that people can log in to local websites for deals.

The above 10 factors are necessary for the company to follow. You guys can also share your views about the factors that OneCoin should consider before launch to open market.

If they are able to structure ICO creating linkages to market through Dealshaker with the good team of BlockChain developers, advisors and partners then there are very good chances to develop interests of people for 25 Euro even as ICO price. You can also watch the video about OneCoin Vision in the Urdu language.

Share this article with the OneCoin community around you. We need to create awareness regarding OneCoin and we can provide the company with our ideas. Now, it’s up to the company, how they are going to follow the ideas provided by the users.


Updated: July 29, 2018 — 7:40 pm


  1. Have you sent this information to Konstantin Ignatov? These are very pertinent suggestions. In his latest talk in Argentina he says that he replies to all queries or passes them on to the right department to deal with.

    1. Yes!
      I sent an email to the onelife support team. I hope, I’ll get some positive response from the team.


    When coming XCOINX platform?
    And when, we can sale our Coin? 8th October? Or 7th January 2019?

    1. Wait for the official announcement!
      There is no official news in back office!

  3. Mitte Raghavender

    When will we r sale our coins and when coming x coin x plz confirm…

  4. if the company change the launch date from 8 October 2018, they are going to cause the merchants to lose confidence in onecoin, because one of the biggest problem of the merchant is cash flow issue. The onecoin ecosysten is not mature yet, merchant need to pay for their products with cash, and when they receive onecoin for their products, they will have no cash to replenish their inventories. Cash flow issue is very important to businesses. I hope the company and the leaders are intelligence enough to see that.

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