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What is Altcoin? Is OneCoin an Altcoin?


Altcoin is the combination of “alt” and “coin”; here the full form of alt is alternative. These words indicate a category of cryptocurrency that is alternative to the Bitcoin. Bitcoin was the first cryptocurrency that was introduced in 2009. The code of the bitcoin is the fully open source. Everyone can utilize the code and […]

What is Going On With OneCoin


There is a lot of confusion regarding OneCoin. I don’t know why people believe such rumors. There is no official statement and people are forwarding the same WhatsApp message again and again. You guys don’t need to be panic. Just relax and wait for the official announcement. Konstantine Ignatov will be coming with the detailed […]

What is AML in Cryptocurrecny 2018


The world is talking about the cryptocurrency regulation. The giant companies are adopting the cryptocurrency as a payment gateway. The only risk with the adoption of cryptocurrency is its anonymity. The only solution to the anonymous transaction is proper regulations. AML is one of the most discussed factors in terms of cryptocurrency regulation.   What is […]

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